One-on-one classes to help improve and expand your skill-set

Anyone can take a picture. We capture memories that last a lifetime. You have fun while we make you look your best.




From importing and file management to culling, color grading, and exporting, learn everything there is to know about Lightroom. From the most basic to the most advanced, learn how to make Lightroom work for you!



Color spaces, curves, levels, adjustment layers, layer masks. Photoshop is a behemoth only limited by your imagination. Whether you want to learn how to clone people out of pictures or create complex composites, this is the class for you.



The secret weapon of most high end photographers, retouching takes your images from beautiful to masterpieces. Learn all the intricate techniques and the do's and don'ts of high end retouching. 



Classes can be purchased at an hourly rate of $45/hr or in a package:

Package 1: $500 // 6 classes // 2-3 hours per class

Package 2: $1000 // 12 classes // 2-3 hours per class



Classes are offered both In-person and online over skype. In person classes are available in Greenville, NC.



For inquiries or more information call/text 252-325-9026 or email