This video incorporates various designs made in Illustrator and Photoshop. The logos and graphics used in all images and watermarks were made in Adobe Illustrator. The video thumbnail image was digitally retouched and overlaid with an Illustrator graphic in Adobe Photoshop. The final card has elements from separate Illustrator and Photoshop creations, using Adobe Premiere Pro to put them together and make it dynamic.

Logo Design

This image is an example of a minimalistic custom-made logo using Adobe Illustrator. In this case, since it will be used as a photographic watermark, two different types of light sans serif fonts are used, giving the image a modern quality, while using fonts that are still visible when scaled down. As is usual for all my custom font creations, they are saved as a vector file (as opposed to using pixels), which means that the logo can be infinitely scaled to fit your needs, allowing it to be the size of a billboard or the size of a wallet photo.

*Blue background used for display purposes, not a part the of logo

Infographic Design

This image was created as a campaign poster for a Columbia University Student Council election. Created with portable design software similar to Adobe Illustrator, it uses the same two fonts throughout for a clean design, has a downplayed and blocked background, and carefully weighs graphics and text as to not clutter the image.

PR/Social Media Management

Gabe Gomez NY can provide you with a comprehensive social media plan ranging from individual to corporate implementation backed by many years of professional PR and social media work. Your campaign will be assessed on a per case basis and a variety of tools such as the appropriate social media venues (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email, and a variety of other options will be utilized depending on different price points.

*The image below is an example of a Facebook Cover photo created for a fundraising social media campaing